Denture Options

Like any highly technical procedure not all dentures are the same. Dr. Simon has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years and has extensive experience working with the edentulous and partially edentulous. In Dr. Simons experience in spite of many discount "in one day" denture clinics promising superior results, he has found there are no shortcuts. Despite the perceived notion that “it’s just a denture” replacing all or many teeth properly is not simple. At Advanced Dental Arts after a thorough examination and consultation, we typically schedule at least 5 appointments prior to delivering your denture. For many patients adapting to a new denture or partial denture takes time, Dr. Simon takes whatever time necessary to see you to ensure your satisfaction.

A desirable alternative to a traditional denture is an over denture. An over denture uses either dental implants, or in some cases several remaining teeth as anchors to attach the denture to your jaw. By attaching the denture to implants or remaining teeth a dramatic increase in function and comfort will result. A second very important benefit provided by the implants or retained teeth is the preservation of bone. Once a patient loses their teeth, or becomes edentulous, the remaining bone will deteriorate making the fit of the denture difficult over time. By building an over denture we can virtually eliminate those problems.

Partial dentures are made by attaching the replacement teeth to gum colored spaces that attach to a metal framework. The partial can attach to remaining teeth with a metal clasp or ideally attach to crowns using precision attachments. The precision attachment is nice because it snaps into the crown and makes the partial denture fit even better and eliminates the unsightly clasps. Each case is different so we will assess each person and recommend the best solution for you. Read More