Affordable Teeth Cleaning

We recommend regular cleanings to remove tartar and plaque which accumulate over time even with good personal hygiene. Dental cleanings play an essential role in the prevention of dental decay and the fight against gum disease. Upon your initial examination Dr. Simon will evaluate the condition of your gums and recommend an appropriate cleaning schedule, allowing you to avoid preventable future treatment. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes. Excellent home care along with regular and frequent cleaning and exams help to maintain oral health and prevent more costly treatments in the future.

Using cutting-edge ultrasonic technology offers a faster more effective cleaning. Cleanings by and large are painless and most often we hear patients explain that they experienced tickling vibrations and the cooling mist of water during the procedure. However, some patients have more sensitive teeth than others and so if you find that you are uncomfortable during your cleaning simply inform your dentist or hygienist and they will have a couple of different options to make your cleaning more comfortable.

If a more serious condition is present, Dr. Simon will take the time to explain your options, and using a team approach (our in house Periodontist) will arrange for further evaluation and any other necessary treatment. This allows us to offer all state-of–the art treatment options in the comfort of our office. To schedule an appointment or a consultation, please contact us today.

Serving the north Denver area, the team at Advanced Dental Arts has the advanced skills necessary to give you the permanent, natural looking and feeling results you deserve with progressive dental implants. Contact our office today to learn more about how dental implants can effectively replace missing teeth for a beautiful smile.